Tanning Tips

Preparing to Tan 

  • Within 24 hours of self tanning, shower, shave or wax and exfoliate your body and face. Do not apply any creams, oils, makeup or deodorant.
  • If you have any existing old self tanner on your skin, use the AVF Tan Eraser to remove it before putting on your new tan. 
  • Apply a bit of moisturizer to your elbows, hands and feet. 
  • Make sure your AVF tanning mitt is dry, clean and ready to go.

While Self Tanning

  • Always shake products before use.
  • Begin with your legs and work upwards. Apply 2 pumps to your tanning mitt, and massage in circular motion to the body part until the mousse is blended in.  Work in sections. Once you have done your whole body, use what is left on the tanning mitt to go tan your hands and feet. Do not pump mousse and apply onto the hands and feet directly. 
  • For your face pump a pea size of mousse onto the mitt and blend in, make sure you blend in over your ears as well. You can also mix a tiny amount the product together with your face moisturizer. 
  • Use a baby wipe and wipe down palms, finger nails, toe nails and soles of feet. 

After Self Tanning

  • Keep the mousse on for a minimum of 8 hours before showering. 
  • Stay in looser clothing until your first shower and avoid water and excessive perspiring until your first shower. 
  • If you are using the AVF 2 Hours express mousse keep on mousse for 2 hours for a lighter tan, 4 hours for a medium tan & 6 hours for a darker tan. 
  • When showering rinse off with warm water, using light soap, pat dry and apply moisturizer.
  • For best results use the AVF Tan Extender after showering every 48 hours. Using the AVF tan extender will make your tan last up to 3x longer.